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I was abandoned shortly after birth, left in a cardboard box in front of an orphanage gate in Yi Yang City, Hunan China. You see, I was born a girl. It is difficult to admit that even today many cultures do not value female children to the degree that they value males. This is the reason why I was compelled to write the book, My Totally Intolerable Blocks. I want to teach the benefits of tolerance and diversity to young children. My hope is that by teaching this to children early in life, they will grow to realize that practicing tolerance not only benefits each one of us on a personal level, it increases diversity in our schools and work places which produces growth and economic benefits for many.     

I also want to help other girls who share my story. That is why 100% of the proceeds of my website's sales go to, a United Nations recognized charity that helps marginalized children throughout Asia receive medical care, education, and most important, loving caregivers. Please visit OneSky's website for more information.


If you do not wish to purchase a book, please consider donating to my OneSky Crowdrise fundraising campaign by clicking on the Donate tab in the menu bar. Every gift no matter how small is appreciated and all donations go directly to OneSky.


Welcome to my website and thank you in advance for your support.



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