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About The Book


My Totally Intolerable Blocks is a call to encourage a spirit of global inclusiveness, collaboration, and camaraderie by the author. The book teaches the importance of valuing diversity using the personification of a child’s block set, a toy that has been enjoyed by children throughout the world for centuries.


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The author gave the protagonist a unisex name, Aamal which means hope in Arabic. Aamal's gender is not disclosed so that all young readers have an opportunity to identify with Aamal and Aamal’s quest. With hope, Aamal convinces the toy blocks to make peace and start appreciating their differences.


In the end, Aamal's blocks come to realize that they are all gifted with different talents and each have something important to contribute. The blocks gain a new sense of understanding and respect. They decide to collaborate and surprise Aamal by building a magnificent city.





"Sometimes when we are generous in small, barely detectable ways

 it can change someone else's life forever."

                                                                                                 Margaret Cho

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